Marvel Puzzle Quest adds a 4-star Nova to the roster of available characters.

4-star Nova hits Marvel Puzzle Quest: the all-new, all-different Avenger

Marvel Puzzle Quest adds a 4-star Nova to the roster of available characters.

On January 28th, as a part of The Hunt event, Marvel Puzzle Quest will be releasing Nova (Sam Alexander) as a new 4-star card.

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Marvel Puzzle Quest decided to take a break from all the Spider-man content and give us someone from Nova Corps. Nova, lovingly dubbed the “Human Rocket,”, will reflect the powerhouse of his nickname. 

Nova’s red ability, Takeoff, launches him into the air just like Colossus. However, in a different strain, Takeoff will generate Black Strike tiles. While at least one of these Black Strike are on the board, Takeoff turns into Rocket Man, which knocks the enemy airborne and deals damage. 

Nova’s yellow ability, Nova Blast, deals damage as well as creates Black Strike tiles for each ally still alive. 

Nova’s black ability is something special. When using Danger Zone, be mindful of the amount of Strike tiles on the board. If there are too many, Nova will launch himself at the enemy. While this will cause damage it will also destroy all of your Strike tiles. This could have it’s advantages. Of course, if you do not have too many of the tiles, it creates more. 

If you need a new character to add to your team that creates a storm of Strike tiles, then Nova may be the new card you are looking for. 

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