4chan Still Being 4chan; Influences Time Magazine’s Person of the Year Poll

Thanks to 4chan, over 5 million votes were cast for Kim Jong-un on Time Magazine's Person of the Year poll. As a result, he won the public poll, but it does not mean that he will win the official Person of the Year nod. Silly, silly 4chan.

4chan and Time Magazine: two outlets you would not expect to ever cross paths. But then again, you never know what to expect with 4chan.

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Ships in the night

The two had a little unexpected interaction when 4chan users flooded the respected magazine’s public Person of the Year poll. 

Over 5 million votes were cast for Kim Jong-un, on the heels of a hilarious gaffe by the official newspaper of the Chinese Communist party. The People’s Daily took a spoof posted by The Onion deeming the North Korean ruler the sexiest man in the world and ran it on their website as fact.

(Sexy, sexy cherub. Me-ow.)

How did North Korea’s Kim Jong-un top “undocumented immigrants,” Olympic gold medalist Gabby Douglas, Egyptian head Mohamed Morsi, and Governor Chris Christie?


That’s how.

Other than directing people to the poll, one very, erm, serious group utilized a script to cast extra votes, securing the win. The KJUGASCHAMBERS script uses the first letter of each nominee’s name AND has a not-so-thinly veiled reference to Hitler. Right up 4chan’s alley!

4chan is also at the helm of a bogus push on the White House “We the People” petition forum, calling for the U.S. to build a Death Star by 2016. The petition has reached the 25,000 signature threshold required for President Obama to respond.

Oh, 4chan. What are we going to do with you?

Anyway, the deluge of votes for Kim Jong-un doesn’t mean that he will be on the cover of the prestigious annual edition of the mag. Time editors will deliberate and announce their winner next Wednesday, the 19th.

I wish the Mayans could have gotten a nomination, because of all of the 2012 talk. What do you think? Who deserves the coveted nod?

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