5 More Important Details for the PS4 Revealed

The PS4 console is just a box that plays used games, can't transfer games from the PSN, focuses on sharing, and has limited support for 4k resolutions.

Since introducing the PS4 to the world, gamers the world over have been filled with tons of questions. While Sony hasn’t answered all of them quite yet, five of them have been answered.

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What does it look like?

A lot of people are wondering exactly what the console will look like. That’s usually the first thing that’s revealed about a console. However, Sony is deciding to take a different approach. It’s releasing details about the controller and details about the functionality of the console, but not what the Playstation 4 actually looks like. As Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida says, “The console is just a box.”

Can it play games from earlier consoles or PSN?

The new console is already confirmed to not be backwards compatible, but can it play PSN games? Unfortunately, no. At least not initially. There might be plans to make PSN titles available for purchase via the cloud at some point, but Sony is still weighing their options.

Can it play used games?

Recent buzz came about Microsoft’s newest endeavor. The buzz was that the next 360 console will not play used games and that it will require an internet connection at all times. Some wondered if Sony was going to follow suit. Thankfully, they’re not! Used and new games are playable both on and offline.

What’s the “Share” button for?

It’s not a crazy new waggle device, it’s not going to kinetically connect you to your console, but the PS4 will keep you connected socially with your friends and family.

The big thing for this console is that you can share what you’re doing at pretty much all times. Right now, Facebook and Ustream are both confirmed with Sony looking into acquiring more social media support.

Exactly how many pixels?

The last big question that Sony answered was regarding its support of the latest resolutions. Right now, most people are sitting at 720p and 1080p, but there are already consumers on the cutting edge who have 4k pixels.

Sony has announced that there will be limited support, at least initially. You cannot play games at launch at 4k resolutions, but you can look at photos and videos in high resolution. There is a possibility of higher resolution for PS4 games down the road.

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