Ghostrunner is getting a next-gen update plus several new game modes in the coming months.

505 Games Announces Ghostrunner Next-Gen Update, New DLC

Ghostrunner is getting a next-gen update plus several new game modes in the coming months.

Ghostrunner is getting a next-gen update and three content drops between now and fall 2021. 505 Games announced the Ghostrunner next-gen update in a new content map outlining some of what to expect in Ghostrunner‘s upcoming DLC, which is available across all platforms.

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The Ghostrunner spring update includes two new modes, Kill Run Mode and Photo Mode. Photo Mode speaks for itself, though 505 is keeping details about Kill Run mode to itself for now. Ghostrunner will release for Amazon Luna in spring as well, and there’s a paid cosmetic DLC pack available now.

Summer 2021 sees two new bundle packs plus another new game mode and an extra vanity pack. Fall 2021 is when Ghostrunner‘s next-gen update will release alongside the “Ultimate DLC” and another vanity pack. 505 didn’t mention what the Ultimate DLC is and how Ghostrunner next-gen will improve the game, though by now we know what to expect from these updates — faster load times, enhanced textures, and possibly 4K support.

We’d say framerate improvements too, but Ghostrunner already runs silky smooth even on the highest settings, making its “satisfying combat and beautiful cyberpunk world” stand out that much more. 

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