7 Days To Die (Or Not Another Zombie Survival Game!)

The last zombie apocalypse you'll want to survive

The last zombie apocalypse you'll want to survive

As a self-proclaimed serial gamer, I’m always on the look out for fresh new games to occupy my time and blow all of my hard-earned paychecks. I check Kickstarter daily like its my job, just waiting for the right game to show itself and for my wallet to also magically open and empty itself on any given project. Let me assure you, I’ve funded far more failed projects than I’m ever willing to admit. If there’s a gaming/media trend that has been beat half dead with a rusty bat this year, it’s definitely been zombies.

So I know what you’re thinking ‘Oh God, not another one of these!’ But wait let me explain!  If you play no other zombie survival game for the entirety of eternity this year, this should be one of them.

7 Days To Die- Zombie Survival Game

7 Days to Die promises to be an open world sandbox game that is a mash up of first person shooter, survival horror, tower defense, and role playing games combining combat, crafting, looting, mining, exploration, and character growth.

But it doesn’t end there folks! Peep the video for the run down, but if you’re too overcome with fangasms to sit through the trailer, here’s a rundown of all the reasons why 7d2d is getting my money. Taken from 7d2d’s Kickstarter, here some of the core game features that caught me eye, even if I had considered myself zombied out.

Open World – From wastelands to snow-capped mountains, the multitude of biomes available for exploration is sure to provide its own set of challenges. Not to mention abandoned campsites to plunder, over run cities to run rampant through, and the ability to explore each and every building you come across

Basic Survival – Scavenging the world for food and water maintaining and boosting health, food, stamina and hydration levels. Grow and harvest a variety of crops and hunt, track or domesticate a multitude of wildlife to live off the land.

Dynamic day and Night Game Play – You had best spend the day looting, mining, crafting and building up your forts defenses as light slows down and weakens the zombies. On the other hand, the lunar cycle apparently is like steroids for zombies, so you had best stay hidden come nightfall.

Looting, Mining and Crafting – Get your inner Minecrafter on with the ability to loot and mine a multitude of items and ingredients to create hundreds of items including melee weapons, guns, traps, generators, motorized tools, motion detectors, landmines, auto-turrets, salves, potions and more.  Considering I liking finding things for the purpose of turning them into awesome things, I’m in.

Stealth and Distraction System – Crouch and sneak your way past enemies or throw objects to distract them. Find or craft sight, sound or smell deterrents and attractor recipes and items to exploit the sight, hearing or smell of the zombies to throw them off track.

XP and Skill Trees – Earn XP and upgrade your skills to become the ultimate Bruiser, Gun Nut, Gadget Man, Chemist or Stealth Agent. Upgrade your melee skill learning to craft better melee weapons and learn special finishing moves.

Creative User Tools – Build your own worlds and play them with friends using the Creative Mode Tools featuring hundreds of block shapes, and random generation tools. Create dedicated servers with your own unique game rules and settings.

As of this posting the Kickstarter has been officially funded, and if you were lucky enough to have thrown your cash in for the Alpha Pledge you should be getting first dibs soon. Otherwise the game has been Greenlit on steam so you had best prepare your pockets.

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