$9,000 Ambushed in EVE Online

A ship worth $9,000 is destroyed in EVE Online.

In another shocking – or maybe not-so-shocking – case of real-world currency going to waste in EVE Online, a starship worth close to $9,000 was destroyed during a carefully executed ambush. The Revenant, bought for 309 billion Interstellar Credits, the currency used in EVE, is one of only three starships of the huge size.

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EVE player and member of the Pandemic Legion, TISD, spent years of his time acquiring the necessary funds to purchase the ship, and Sunday he fell victim to the ambush led by an opposing fleet. One of the Legion’s own turned out to be a spy who led them directly to a host of dreadnaughts and supercarriers. Unfortunately, little could be done to spare TISD the destruction of his beloved ship.

Apparently, it seems anything goes when it comes to interstellar warfare within EVE. In fact, a similar incident occurred last year which saw the destruction of a ship carrying blueprints worth almost as much as the Revenant – clearly certain EVE players don’t seem to care how much a target may be worth. It’s a good thing that the most expensive interstellar object doesn’t exist in EVE, or the $350,000 Entropia Universe space station might be the next target.

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