A Life in the Hands of the Stuntmen — Stuntmen Rescue Woman at Comic Con

Stuntmen save a young woman's life during Comic-Con.

Stuntmen save a young woman's life during Comic-Con.

On Thursday, at San Diego’s Comic-Con, a young woman nearly committed suicide by climbing over the railing of the 14th floor balcony of a nearby apartment complex. Hanging only with one hand from the balcony, the event drew in a crowd from the ground below. As people were shouting not to jump from the balcony, three stuntmen working for Stunts 911 moved immediately inside the building to prevent the grim spectacle.

Amos Carver, Gregg Sergeant, and Scot Schecter were able to sneak into her unlocked apartment room, and without surprising her into a fall, they managed to catch her in their arms and apply a harness that would secure her in place until they could pull her into safety.

Comments from Carver stated that the young woman was obviously troubled, and later documentation cites that her distraught emotion was held due to the recent break-up during the course of the convention.

Coincidental but awesome is the timing of this scene, as the stuntmen had before only started setting up the scaffolding for a movie premiere party to promote the upcoming “Kick-Ass 2”. The young woman only has to thank the quick action and training of these three men in preventing her from committing a huge — and what could have been the last — mistake of her life.

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