A Man Named Austin: A Proper and Gentlemanly Review

The first-sight opinionated review on one of the men whose job it is to tell me about this website.

The first-sight opinionated review on one of the men whose job it is to tell me about this website.
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Upon my descent into the ground floor of the PAX East 2013 Showroom, it is hard-pressed to find oneself in a state of clear and concise pattern. With flashing lights, loud noises and a plethora of the future of video games striking at all the senses the human body can endure, anyone can be stunned from what to expect. On a “deer in the headlights” moment after handling producst of the independent smartphone gaming clique, an attraction was made towards the GAMESKINNY booth. There, I met a man, named Austin.

Austin appeared to be professional, in casual attire, much to the likes of a wolf in sheep’s clothing. His grey shirt, blue denim jeans and the black shoes which appeared as if they were made of leather garnered an ideal that this man chose to not overdo his appearance at this convention, but rather opted for comfort. His height seemed to be on average, perhaps an inch or two shorter than the typical western male, but height is merely an afterthought. His facial hair is currently a beard, so there is an image of maturity present. On a personal level, I was taller than him, but the effective eye contact has made him succeed; eye contact is imperative in any encounter, and he nailed it. To judge a person by his weight is an incorrect thing to speak about, and in my years of writing and analysis, I am currently refusing to acknowledge. 

With a proper introduction, he established that he is looking at me more as an individual, and not as a product put forth in providing financial gain to himself or his company. Any question, even the more absurd and the more reasonable, were brilliantly answered and without hesitation. As the conversation concluded, he suggested that I should post an article on the GAMESKINNY website. At the time of registering, the laptop for which this article is being written with, suffered a technical hiccup. In as short as a minute, Austin managed to access the MS-DOS prompt in order to treat the temporary technical difficulty. He then acquired himself a sandwich that someone gave him via plastic bag and gave me the keys to the metaphorical car that is this video game review website. 

Boasting plenty of experience and an appearance best for conventions, Austin can serve well in most locales. A higher grade would have been given if not for the casual attire, as there is a personal preference for those wearing suits, but that is more of a bias than an actual reason. Austin succeeds far and away ,and prove that people whose jobs are to shill their current wares or products are not just there for your money, but for your heart.

[Editor’s Note: Austin is one of our many PAX East correspondents in attendance. Say hi to him if you see him on the convention floor!]

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