Lots of rewards up for grabs during Armored Warfare's month long festival

A Month of Events Begins in Armored Warfare

Lots of rewards up for grabs during Armored Warfare's month long festival

April brings a month full of festivities to Obsidian Entertainment‘s Armored Warfare. Running from April 6th until the 30th, there will be two main events for players to enjoy.

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The first of these events will be the introduction of Happy Hours. Players will receive a 100% bonus to all reputation gains and credit income when they log in and play during certain times.

Then there is Panzerfest — a whole series of events taking place throughout April where players can win loads of in-game prizes and freebies. First off, there is an excellent Welcome Package for any new account registered during the month. New players will receive a free Leopard 1 main battle tank, as well as seven days premium time. Also, there is a 90% discount on the German flag decal until May 1st.

The main attraction during Panzerfest is Panzer Madness. Aside from the 4th-day login bonus of a free Leopard 1 main battle tank (or 100 gold if you already have it), there are prizes for the amount of battle wins during the event.

  • 15 wins will get you 1,000,000 credits
  • 30 wins will get you 7 days of Premium time
  • 150 wins will get a Leopard 2AV ICE Premium tank (if you already own this, you’ll get 3,250 gold instead)

There will be more details soon about the second part of Panzerfest so check back to see what fun they have in store!

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