Oh, boy! The 2D Puzzle Platformer returns

A New Boy And His Blob Game Is Coming

Oh, boy! The 2D Puzzle Platformer returns

Majesco Entertainment continues their series about a young boy and his favorite companion, a blob. 

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Jesse Sutton, the CEO at Majesco said to his shareholders that the company will begin to shift their focus to mobile games. First up in this transition is the new A Boy and His Blob game. 

Majesco Entertainment, a smaller but prominent video game developer, is responsible for games such as: Zumba Fitness, the Cooking Mama series, the Bloodrayne series and many more. The first A Boy and His Blob game released in 2009 and is exclusive to the Nintendo Wii. It’s a puzzle platformer where a boy, with the help of his boneless friend, get from point A to B using the various talents of said blob friend. The blob can fit into tight areas, grab things out of the boys reach and turn into a parachute for gliding and landing abilities.

This new addition to the series will add wider varieties of puzzles for the duo and incorporate the use of smartphone touch screens. The new A Boy and His Blob will also land on the PS4, Xbox ONE and Wii U at some point, according to CEO Jesse Sutton. 

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