A Successful Debut Weekend for Player-Run EVE Online Tournament

Emergent gameplay shows the way as EVE Online eSports gains a new champion.

Emergent gameplay shows the way as EVE Online eSports gains a new champion.

Rising from the ashes of the officially organised but troubled New Eden Open is the Syndicate Competitive League, a player-organised EVE Online tournament whose first weekend of destructive spaceship action went off without a hitch.

Eight teams took part in the inaugural event, which took place with over 14 matches with the final rounds being fought between Warlords of the Deep and Exodunks. A decisive victory was seized by Warlords of the Deep, whose tournament pedigree showed through with their strong affiliations to controversial Alliance Tournament regulars, HYDRA Reloaded.

The video streamed event was hosted on Twitch.tv and was viewable in high definition with a competent commentary team. The tournament itself took place on the Singularity test server and the graphics overlay used in official events was made available by CCP Games with tournament stalwart CCP Fozzie volunteering his services to help run things.

After the faltering steps of the New Eden Open and the unfortunate collapse of Own3d, competitive EVE Online tournaments have had a difficult recent history, but the future of internet spaceship eSports is suddenly looking much brighter as player-led emergent game play does it again.

Tournament organisers Apathetic Brent, Dradius and many others must be feeling pretty jubilant and deserve congratulations for a job well done. I’ll be looking forward to more from the Syndicate Competitive League.

Here is the final match from yesterday’s action:

Watch live video from syndicatecl on TwitchTV



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