Konami gives fans and media the run-around in regards to Kojima and Metal Gear team issues.

A Week Later, Konami Barely Responds to Metal Gear Concerns

Konami gives fans and media the run-around in regards to Kojima and Metal Gear team issues.

Last week, we reported on Konami’s removal of Hideo Kojima’s branding from the Metal Gear Solid games as well as Kojima’s upcoming exit from the publisher following Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain‘s completion. Since all this information has come out, Konami has not made much comment on what is going on and it has been all quiet on Mr. Kojima’s front.

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This all changed Wednesday, when the Japanese Metal Gear Twitter account released three tweets to respond to the many fan concerns. I’ve gone through the Bing translations of the tweets (GAH!) and sorted them into readable English so you don’t have to do so.

The first tweet translates:

In accordance with recent changes in Konami’s organization, Kojima Productions, and other studios within Konami, had its name changed. While organization and the name have changed, MGSV:TPP is still an original work from director Hideo Kojima and retains its original production staff.

The second tweet

While we have changed to a new Twitter account, the same Metal Gear promotional team members have moved over to this account and are sharing the latest news. Since these team members are still tweeting, we appreciate you coming to follow and support this account.

The third and final tweet:

Hideo Kojima himself is playing the game, checking details, and directing the staff as the game nears completion. Bringing Kojima’s thoughts and ideas to the massive open-world of TPP is very difficult, so please provide the team and director your continued support.

You can tell these tweets were drafted by committee from Konami’s PR team. Nothing new is really said, unless you count that the promotional team running the Twitter accounts are the same. 

What about responding to the reported limited access to Internet and telephone for the team working on Metal Gear Solid V? How about a response to sources claiming the team’s employment status has been changed from full-time employees to contractors? Konami asks for their fans’ continued support of the Metal Gear team while actively removing their own.

But hey, as long as the tweets stay the same…

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