A Wild Final Fantasy XIII Gameplay Trailer

An amazing 8-minute game play of The Wildlands in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII.

An amazing 8-minute game play of The Wildlands in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII.

Today we are lucky enough to receive a game play trailer of the new Wildlands addition to Final Fantasy XIII. Although this addition won’t hit the PS3 and Xbox 360 until February, it’s still good to look into the new add-ons. Yuji Abe, the game design director of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, has set up a preview of game play for everyone to enjoy.

The Wildlands

The gameplay of this video takes place in the Wildlands, which is a very deep forest. To travel around this land you’ll need a chocobo, and they form an essential role in the story of the Wildlands. So naturally the goal of this gameplay is to show the quest to search for that specific chocobo.

A few things to note about the Wildlands is that 1) the land is large, so traveling without the chocobo to start might be a very long trek, and 2) you’ll be fighting enemies along the way so be prepared. Fighting is a bit different though, since players can configure the controller so every button does a specific move. This is much different from past games, where you would select from a menu the moves to do. There are also battle styles which you can switch around to help win.

Finding the white chocobo and, oh, a giant monster!

When you find the white chocobo you’ve been searching for, there’s also a giant monster attacking it. You’ll have to fight it. But first, try customizing Lightning a bit using the menu screen in-game. Customizations in this game will help aid your combat capabilities by enabling different fighting styles. Some of the customizations include: clothing, weapons, shields, and abilities.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII has pushed the limits of customizations and animations to bring gamers a very well polished Final Fantasy game. After seeing this game play I just might have to pick up the game for myself.

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