Be part of the community and level up. See exclusive AC content, visit the studios, go to special events, and meet the team!

AC Council: Be part of the community for special content, visit the studios, go to special events

Be part of the community and level up. See exclusive AC content, visit the studios, go to special events, and meet the team!
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The Assassin’s Creed twitter announced a new reward-based community builder called Assassin’s Creed Council. Users can share exclusive news and content from developers, submit their fan work, vote on content, and in return be given points and badges for their participation in the community for the ultimate fan prize:

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More points land you at Council level 30, where you could be hand-picked by Assassin’s Creed Studios to join what they’re calling the “Council Chamber” for “several months.”

Within this time frame, the chosen ones will have a chance
to visit the studios, to participate to special events, to meet
the productions team and much more

It’s a great chance to communicate with other Assassin’s Creed fans, give the game producers feedback, and receive exclusive content in return.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the site so far:

If you haven’t already, you must register for a UPlay account, otherwise you can just Login with your UPlay information and immediately get access.

Never lose sight of what’s happening in the Assassin’s Creed world. The Council is where you’ll get official and live fresh infos directly from the game producers. And this, without having to spy us.

The front page shows posts like this one, from the studio and from fans. This is where users will submit their content and see exclusive content like information on the Lore, Behind-the-Scenes content, Teasers, and Looks at MoCap Content. The Up and Down arrows on top of the post are for the voting system, and more votes UP earn you more points to level up and earn badges, getting you closer to Level 30 and the Council Chamber.


The level system is pretty standard with point increments placing you in certain levels, and then badges are for performing certain acts like joining, sharing content, logging on via mobile, posting content, and receiving a certain number of upvotes on one post to name a few.

To join and check out the site some more yourself, visit the AC Council here.

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