Action MMO RaiderZ finally closing in wake of no developer

RaiderZ NA is finally closing 3 years after its sister servers in KR and EU.

RaiderZ NA is finally closing 3 years after its sister servers in KR and EU.

RaiderZ was an interesting part of my MMO history, if only because the gameplay itself was a fair challenge and the combat relatively tight. Unfortunately the game is finally shutting down, as publisher Perfect World Entertainment is unable to fix the game’s current bugs and its developer, MAIET, is closing its doors.

RaiderZ could ultimately be described as a TERA clone, but ultimately it had its own feel thanks to its class combination system and graphical style.

Surprisingly the North American server is the last one available. Both RaiderZ Korea and Europe shut down in 2013. Korean publisher Neowiz and European GameForge both ended their support for the game within a month’s period. Perfect World Entertainment kept their version up and running (albeit slowly updated) despite its closure elsewhere.

RaiderZ will be closing its doors on August 7th, less than a month away from the time of writing.

Any ZEN purchases made after May 7th will be refunded to players’ Arc Account Balances to be used on other games hosted by Perfect World Entertainment. In addition, anyone who has logged in between June to July 8th will receive 1000 ZEN to use in the cash shop, and everything in the cash shop has been reduced to cost 1 ZEN.

It’s amazing RaiderZ NA has lasted nearly two full years after its overseas brethren, but it was an inevitability. Hopefully the folks at developer MAIET and its community team at Perfect World Entertainment move onto bigger and better things.

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