Activision COO Rakes in the Bucks, Earns Millions More

The best way to start the new year: With millions of dollars.

The best way to start the new year: With millions of dollars.

Well, if you’re the chief operating officer for a company like Activision, this fits.

As reported by GameSpot, Activision Blizzard COO Thomas Tippl has received a raise. His base salary rises from $885,000 to $1.25 million and he’s eligible for an annual bonus with a target amount of 150 percent of that salary ($1.875 million). Tipple is also getting a $2 million portion of the discretionary bonus awarded back in March 2013, along with $6 million worth of Activision Blizzard shares. Then there’s three separate performance-vesting share units, each of which is worth millions.

Said the Call of Duty publisher in a statement:

“Mr. Tippl has demonstrated excellence in his role as Chief Operating Officer, successfully overseeing Activision Publishing’s and Blizzard Entertainment’s operational activities, as well as the Company’s Strategic Planning, Global Sales and Supply Chain, Legal, and Human Resources departments.”

Furthermore, Activision can no longer terminate Tippl based on “performance deficiency,” though the employer can fire him due to “cause.” That’s pretty solid job security, wouldn’t you say? It’ll be interesting to see if Activision can hit those goals, because they may have to approach CoD differently in the new generation.

Is he worth the money?

That’s always what I wonder. You have to assume he is; he’s the COO of a giant multi-billion-dollar company, so it stands to reason. I just wonder what his daily routine is like, and how many hours he works per week. I get the feeling that he reached that position by working like a maniac but once you reach that position, do you still have to work like mad? Eh, probably.

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