Adopt Your Very Own Pet in Tera

En Masse Entertainment introduces cute (and not-so-cute) pets to the world of Tera.

En Masse Entertainment introduces cute (and not-so-cute) pets to the world of Tera.

This Thursday, Tera will be adding an amazing new feature to the game: pets. If your scantily clad adventurer has been feeling lonely, they can bring some meaning into their life by smothering a virtual pet.

While the pets in Tera may not battle each other like the ones from a certain MMO, they do have a pretty neat function. After killing an enemy, they will loot them for you. Not only does owning a pet come with the benefits of companionship, but it’s practical, too.

Look at all these cuti- Did somebody photoshop a frog into the picture?

There are going to be five pets released initially. From left to right in the picture above, they are Prince, Rambo, Dragonette, Carnivorous Plant, and Candyspinner. The last one, of course, being based off of the real life Candy Spinning Bear found in Northern Malaysia.

The pets can be purchased from the Valkyon Outfitters. There seems to be no information on the pricing as of yet, so we will have to wait until Thursday to find out.

While pets seem awesome, they won’t all be fun and games. You are going to have to train to summon them. In addition, they require you to purchase pet food to keep them energized. The lowest energy giving pet food can be bought in game; you can buy better food from the Valkyon Outfitters with EMP.

If you’re not sold yet, maybe the Tera pet trailer will persuade you to purchase one of these precious pets:

If you want one of these Tera pets without having to pay for them, you have a chance to win in an official En Masse Entertainment contest. You have until 11:59PM PST tonight to submit your entry.

Which pet are you most looking forward to adopting? If Prince comes with a set of crying doves, I’m sold.

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