Adorable Legend of the Poro King Mode Comes To League of Legends

League of Legends celebrates the season with an adorable new mode, The Legend of the Poro King.

League of Legends celebrates the season with an adorable new mode, The Legend of the Poro King.

As part of Snowdown, Riot’s annual winter festivities, League of Legends is now featuring an absolutely adorable new twist on ARAM. Legend of the Poro King is a 5v5 on the Howling Abyss map, but is a blind draft instead of random. In addition to arriving alongside some new Snowdown skins for characters, wards and poros, the new mode also adds a few tweaks to create a frenzied, adorable twist on the classic ARAM that I’ll go over in more detail.

The new mode locks you into two new summoner’s spells, “Poro Toss” and “To The King!” that are responsible for changing how the game plays. When you use Poro Toss, your champion tosses a poro like a snowball in a straight line. If you hit a champion with the toss it does some damage, and pressing it again will launch you to the target champion for a follow attack.

The real meat of the new mode is what happens when you hit enough champions with poros. There’s a counter in the upper right corner and when your team has landed 10 poro hits, the Poro King will be summoned. Not only is the Poro King adorable, but he does a big chunk of damage and can knock down towers surprisingly quick. The To The King spell launches you to the Poro King once he is summoned.

The new game modes that Riot puts out tend to be very hit or miss, but this one makes for a fun, fast-paced twist on ARAM that is both adorable and fun to play. To find out more about the new mode, head over to the Riot website or jump in and try if for yourself!

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