Adult Swim teases release for Toejam & Earl reboot.

Adult Swim confirmed their involvement today regarding the reboot of the Toejam and Earl Franchise.

While the video game industry is flourishing, there is still a hole in it waiting to be filled. Among the many first person shooters and action-adventure platforming games, there still is a distinct lack of a, “funky-aliens-crash-landing-on-Earth” genre.

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Fortunately the people at HumanNature knew exactly how to fill this void; by bringing back the duo of Toejam and Earl from the early Sega years. They created a successful Kickstarter back in February of 2015 and promised to deliver on a faithful recreation of the alien associates’ glory days.  

These two ship-wrecked strandees are looking to piece their ship back together and get off the incredibly uncool planet of Earth. In the previous game, the general lameness of humans like Mad Dentists and Boogey-men were a constant threat to our harmonic heroes, and their only defenses were presents found lying around the world that often had various effects.

Randomness is a huge part in the gameplay of Toejam and Earl, which should come as a delight to players of rogue-likes such as Rogue Legacy that never have the same feel twice. While the original game did have a premade mode, most of the fun could be gained from the random mode, that mixed up worlds and presents to give a different experience with each playthrough. According to TJ&E: Back in the Groove’s Steam page, that will be featured in the new game, as well as its classic humor.

Among other features will be nine playable characters, including the namesake pair, as well as Latisha from the less popular Xbox sequel of the game. Humanature is also bringing back remixed versions of the original games’ awesome music, as well as adding in some of their own, and a Hyperfunk Zone for co-op. The amount of available presents has been increased, as well as threatening Earthlings and character stats and upgrades. 

Adult Swim has been behind the publishing of some incredibly well received games recently, including Headlander and the over the top arena fighter Duck Game. Look for this release to be coming out sometime in 2017.

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