Adventure Time Game Soundtrack Now Out on Soundcloud!

The soundtrack from the Adventure Time game is now available to listen to for free on Soundcloud.

As stated briefly in my review of Adventure Time: Hey Ice King! Why’d You Steal Our Garbage!?, I really dug the soundtrack. I was absolutely stoked to hear that said soundtrack has now been released on Soundcloud. The Adventure Time game soundtrack sounds even more amazing in high quality.

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If you visit the page and give it a listen to, there might be some tracks you don’t recognize. That’s because D3 Publisher released a few tasty bonus tracks for your listening pleasure.

My personal favorites from the playlist are the title track and “I Am So Determined You Have No Idea.” Seeing some of the funny and creative titles for the songs is almost as enjoyable as the music itself is.

Even if you don’t plan on picking up the game, I highly recommend this soundtrack if you’re into algebraic music. I’m definitely going to be listening to the Adventure Time game soundtrack for the next few weeks.

Source: Destructoid

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