After nearly a month struggle, Twitch Plays Dark Souls beats boss duo Ornstein and Smough

Twitch plays Dark Souls defeated the tough duo boss called Ornstein and Smough after a month of playing.

Earlier in August, Twitch Plays took on the difficult challenge of playing Dark Souls through their chat-based system, and have since been going strong with gameplay. Facing some confrontations along the way from people trying to sabotage the goal and ladders, the players are continuing to play the game and recently beat a tough boss duo by the names of Ornstein and Smough.

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How does it work?

The way Twitch is able to play Dark Souls with the large gaming crowd is using chat-based commands to make the character in-game do actions. Since this can be a convoluted chat full of different inputs, Twitch has options for “anarchy” or “democracy” in how the actions are done in with games such as Dark Souls. The more chaotic the choice, the more difficult it will be to complete the game. 

Twitch faced a difficult decision when the game took over 90 hours in the Undead Asylum, and decided to put in a turn-based system. After an action is done in the game, a pause happens. During the pause, as players put in chat commands, the most popular choice is done in-game. This way, they’ve been able to progress more efficiently. 

Having over a million and a half views, Twitch plays Dark Souls has become a popular social experiment where working together is essential to complete the game. 

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Do you think Twitch can complete Dark Souls like they did Pokémon? Will it get easier the more they play with pausing? Share your thoughts below!

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