Aion 4.0 Closed Beta Hits Chinese Servers in March

China's getting Aion 4.0 soon. Very soon. A few weeks soon.

China's getting Aion 4.0 soon. Very soon. A few weeks soon.

We knew we were going to be behind the Asian servers, right? It should come as no surprise that China will be getting Aion 4.0 just after Korea, but a closed beta launch as early as March 13 is much sooner than anyone expected.

4.0 is currently being released in waves in South Korea, with a brand new update released today and the third and final large patch being implemented on – dun dun – March 13. The Chinese servers will be seeing similar rolling patches through the year.

Aion CN is one of the last versions of the game still running on a pay to play model and retains its popularity in the country.

We still have no news of Aion 4.0 heading to North America or Europe yet. NCSoft has given small glimpses to its player base but has not announced when the update will be coming over. Aion EU is still way behind, sitting on patch 3.5. It will be a long time until 4.0 sees the light of day over there.

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