Aion 4.0 Launching in Europe Today, Aethertech and 4.5 Patch Live in Korea

Once the European servers come back up, Aion 4.0 will have reached all of the game's markets. Huzzah!

Once the European servers come back up, Aion 4.0 will have reached all of the game's markets. Huzzah!
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If I didn’t know any better, I’d say today was a pretty exciting day for Aion fans across the world. Unfortunately regional differences and delays have made it merely a ‘pretty okay’ day instead.

European players will finally get to choose whether to try their hands at the Gunslinger and Songweaver classes, or to level their mains in the dangerous fields of Katalam. Meanwhile, the Aethertech class and various game improvements are reaching South Korea in Aion 4.5. A pretty busy day for the game across the board, but not exciting.

Aion 4.0 in Europe!

Those of you who have remained loyal to Aion EU are partially catching up with the rest of the world today, once the servers come back up.

At the time of writing, European players are still waiting for the servers to get back in action after some unexpected maintenance delays. The Aion community staff has been silent on Twitter for upwards of five hours now. It may be at least a few more hours until the servers are restored and players can try out the 4.0 patch for the first time. Better late (and later) than never.

The Aethertech and Aion 4.5

The 4.5 patch is a hefty update, bringing not only the new Aethertech class but also a wealth of general updates and tweaks. I highlight some of those in this article, and will try to bring more solid information on the patch in the near future.

The general updates to the game are nice, but the Aethertech is the star of the show this patch. This page on the Aion KR Powerwiki gives a in-depth look at the new class including a complete skill list, though both pages are purely in Korean.

Not fluent in Korean and struggling with Google Translate’s garbled results? Worry not! I will be working up a translation of the complete skill list this weekend and will post it Sunday or Monday. My Korean isn’t great, but a so-so translation is (sometimes) better than none.

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