Aion 4.0 Releases in North America in June!

I can't nyerking wait for 4.0!

I can't nyerking wait for 4.0!

Getting antsy for Aion 4.0? You and me both, buddy. MJ Guthrie over at Massively got to speak with Aion associate producer Sean Orlikowski on the topic of 4.0, and well..

We’re officially getting Aion 4.0 in June! FINALLY!

NCSoft has been fairly quiet on the official site, and many players were left wondering whether we would get the big patch in a timely manner at all. The European servers had a small announcement mentioning that 4.0 would be making its way to their shores this year, but NCSoft wasn’t giving any information on a release to North American players.

Following in the footsteps of the game’s previous expansions, Assault on Balaurea and Ascension, Aion 4.0 will have a name: Dark Betrayal. Those of you who have paid attention to the plot all this time have some surprise twists in store as well, according to Massively’s talk with Orlikowski.

Instead of the rolling updates that the Korea servers have gone through, we will be jumping up to KR 4.2 which includes two of the new classes. The classes have new names as well: Songweaver and the Gunslinger.

Armored Castle? More like Aethertech

The lack of information on the Armored Castle class has been leaving many to wonder whether or not it was even still in development. While Orlikowski does not give any information on  the class, the article does mention the name Aethertech in reference to the mech-riding tank class. This is not sure proof that it is still “a thing”, but it may be a sign that it is still on the way.

Head over to Massively to read the whole article, it’s well worth it for anyone anticipating Aion 4.0‘s release. Let’s hope the June time frame is spot-on.

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