Aion Europe Celebrating First F2P Anniversary, Announces 3.9 and 4.0

Finally some good news for European Aion players.

Finally some good news for European Aion players.

Aion Europe doesn’t get a lot of love, despite having gained 2.7 million registered players once the game went free to play last year. Those of you who have stuck with the EU servers are getting some attention for first anniversary of the F2P switch — and some good news is coming your way.

Players logging in between now and March 6 get a 50% increase on drop rates, experience rates, crafting, and Abyss points during their adventures in Atreia. Those of you that have a run-in with the enemy race will lose 50% less Abyss points should they beat you mercilessly.

EU Anniversary Stats

3.9 is coming.

Yes, you read that correctly. Aion EU will be updated from 3.5 up to 3.9 on April 17. The update will also include the ever-sought Dungeon Finder and the Rookie Server (relative to NA‘s Fast Track Server). Finally!

4.0 is also definitely coming to EU.

The anniversary announcement also brought up the European release of Aion 4.0, which it states is being released sometime this year. Hurrah!

4.0 will also be released this year. Atreia will expand a little further with the new area Katalam and two new classes. More info about both enhancements will follow shortly.

Hold on just a second.

After reading the announcement and spending too much time looking through the Korean site, I have to wonder: Where is the Armored Castle?

The Armored Castle was the third class reveal for 4.0 and has yet to get any coverage at all even in Korea, where the third and final big patch is happening on March 13. There is nothing on the class at all, sans the teaser images in the article above.

The Aion EU announcement mentions that there are two new classes coming. There have been no contests for gear for the mysterious mecha tank, so one is left to wonder: Does the Armored Castle even exist anymore?

I’m hyped for the Bard and Gunner just like everyone else, but piloting a mecha is the best. Where did you go, big guy?

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