Aion: New Events & Player Designed Aethertech ‘Contest’

How many events can Atreia handle in one month? We're about to find out.

How many events can Atreia handle in one month? We're about to find out.

There are several things of note happening in ol’ Atreia this month; the events are exciting for all players, but one is a special treat for Aion‘s more creative players.

Events: Alchemy, Daeva’s Day, and Talk Like a Pirate

All this month, NCWest is hosting events to celebrate the game’s 4th anniversary in North America.

Alchemy Event

Now through Sept. 18th – Before you veteran Daevas take a step back and reflect on the game’s subscription years, get in the Ateian spirit with the game’s current Alchemy Event, which is a reward goldmine.

Daeva’s Day Events

Once the Alchemy Event ends on September 18th, Daeva’s Day Events kick in complete with those wonderful cake buffs! All of the details on this Daeva’s Day have yet to be revealed, but NCWest is promising rewards, challengers, and hide-and-seek. These festivities will be beginning on the 18th as the Alchemy Event comes to a close and lasting until October 2nd.

It Be Time to Talk Like a Pirate, Matey

Last but not least in the list of fun times to be had in Aion this month is Talk Like a Pirate Day On September 19th. Players will be able to partake in pirate-themed acivities with other players. Special North America-only pirate cosmetics will be available on the Black Cloud Marketplace the day before, for Daevas with a real itch to “YAR!” it up.

Creative Players: Leave Your Legacy Aethertech Design Contest

NCWest swears this isn’t a contest (because there are no prizes), but the chance to get your design in-game is exciting enough to consider it to be one.

We saw Gunslinger and Songweaver design contests late last year and earlier this year as the momentum built up for Aion 4.0’s release. With Aion 4.5 having recently been released in Korea, it’s time for a new contest on this side of the water.

The Leave Your Legacy: Aethertech contest is running from today until September 25th. Players can submit their designs for approval, and if approved, they may make their way to the game’s development team for a final decision.

The details on this Leave Your Legacy are rather lengthy, so be sure to take a look at the rules on the official site before you get to designing an Aethertech to rule them all.

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