Akiba’s Beat concept trailer released, and will be out in North America

Akiba's Beat, successor of Akiba's Trip, has a new concept trailer!

Acquire, the developer of Akiba’s Trip, has released a concept trailer for an Action RPG game called Akiba’s Beat which also has its background set on Akiba (Akihabara), Japan. In Akiba’s Beat, Akihabara will be shown in HD quality with detailed visuals than before.

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In this game, Akihabara is eroded by delusions. Seven main characters, including the protagonist Asahi Tachibana and Saki Hoshino, have to fight against creatures to break out of delusions while finding the answer for the whole situation.

The battle takes part in Delusion Palaces, which are dungeons that are created from the delusions of people. Battle mode changes when the characters put on their headphones, widening the range of strategies in the battle.

Akiba’s Beat will be released this fall in Japan, and XSEED Games has confirmed its release in North America, too, on PS4 and PS Vita. More detailed information about the game will be announced at E3 2016.

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