Akuma Returns For Street Fighter V — And Brings New Fighters with Him

The raging demon returns to Street Fighter V. But he doesn't come empty handed.
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Today, at PlayStation Experience 2016, a reveal trailer for Akuma from Street Fighter V was shown, just hours before 32 of the world’s greatest pro Street Fighter players were to take the stage at the 2016 Capcom Cup in Anaheim, California. 

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As any Street Fighter fan knows, Akuma has been part of the Street Fighter universe since Super Street Fighter II Turbo. And according to  series lore, he lives for the sake of fighting others. 

Fans may also notice a few changes to Akuma via the trailer. Not only is Akuma’s hair longer, indicating it may have been some time since his last battle, in previous iterations, Akuma, who is the only Street Fighter character to appear in the Tekken franchise, would bear the kanji for sky across his back. As per the game lore, this was to be an indicator of what he sought to achieve in battle. Now, it has been replaced with the kanji for god, which may be an indication of how much more powerful he has become.

His trailer also revealed details to the next season of DLC content for Street Fighter V. Players can preorder the 2017 character pass some time in December. The pass will include Akuma and five new characters, the latter of which expected to be released throughout 2017.

Fans of fighting games can look forward to more details coming soon.

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