Alan Tudyk left due to script changes as soon as his contract was null due to leadership changes.

Alan Tudyk walked away from Uncharted 4, didn’t like the script’s direction

Alan Tudyk left due to script changes as soon as his contract was null due to leadership changes.
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Alan Tudyk recently revealed in an interview with IGN that he was going to originally lend his voice in Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, but that had changed due to script changes he did not like. It is currently unclear if Alan was let go or if he left on his own terms.

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He talked about how he was doing a role for the game, and also how he and Nolan North haven’t spoken since they last recorded together.

“I worked on Uncharted, the one that has yet to come out – I was doing a role on that. Really, I hadn’t seen [Nolan] since he and I had recorded years before.”

Alan jokingly discussed how he was “fired,” but then admitted that he had left the project by his own terms due to not liking the script. Whenever Naughty Dog took the script in a new direction, Alan didn’t seem to like it, which caused him to leave.

“I liked it… they… ummm… they fired… ummm… [lets out a massive sigh] I left, I quit! [laughs] So, I didn’t like it. I mean, I left because they decided to go a different way with it and so when they did that, when they changed leadership, it made my contract null and void and I was able to take that opportunity to walk away which was great because I got the experience of doing it, I made some friends – not with Naughty Dog – but I made some friends with the people that left.”

He also mentioned that Todd Stashwick was also recast after leaving due to not liking the scripts changes. These would have both been big name actors, but it seems that both parties did not like the changes made to the script.

“Todd Stashwick was in that as well who is in Con Man and he did the same thing I did which was ‘yeah we’re gonna leave now. Y’all are making some weird changes, we’re gonna leave’. Sorry Nolan, we left you, we just walked away, we abandoned him.”

It all seems very fishy that two big name actors would leave the project due to script changes. Some fans now have reason to believe that the writing in Uncharted 4 may not produce as good of a finale as some are hoping.

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