Alan Wake 2 Gameplay Trailer Sets Release Date for PC, PS5, Xbox Series Platforms

Alan Wake 2 will release this year, just in time for scary season.

Image via Epic Games

The Alan Wake 2 gameplay trailer has finally arrived, and it confirms the game’s release date. After actor Matthew Porretta accidentally leaked that Alan Wake 2 would be released in October, it seemed inevitable that we would be getting a trailer from Remedy Entertainment to clear things up.

Much as Porretta stated, Alan Wake 2 will be scaring up an October 17, 2023, release on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S. The PC version will be on Epic Games Store, and Remedy confirmed that it is not considering a physical release for the game, stating on the Alan Wake 2 FAQ page that it’s “digital only.”

Though that was unexpected, what we really didn’t expect was a cameo appearance from Max Payne himself, James McCaffrey. Well, his voice. See for yourself.

The trailer shown during Sony’s PlayStation Showcase doesn’t outright confirm that Max Payne is in Alan Wake 2, though we know they share the same universe. McCaffrey was actually in the original Alan Wake as “the voice of God” and played a central role in 2019’s Control, which is set within the Alan Wake universe. Still, it’s hard not to see a character model that looks like Remedy’s own Sam Lake and assume it’s not Mr. Payne.

Anyway, the details that leaked many years ago about Alan Wake 2 taking a more survival-horror turn have turned out to be true. The game looks suitably darker and seems to have Wake exploring urban environments more than dead-end woods. It certainly looks impressive as hell thanks to Remedy’s in-house Northlight Engine.

Alan Wake 2 is available for pre-order now and comes in two editions. The base version is $49.99 on PC and $59.99 on PlayStation and Xbox. The Deluxe Edition is $69.99 on PC and $79.99 on consoles. There are several pre-order bonuses as well. Stay tuned for more.

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