Alan Wake The Star of This Week’s Humble Weekly Sale

Alan Wake isn't dead, and it's cheap this week.

Alan Wake isn't dead, and it's cheap this week.

Alan Wake: Collector’s Edition and American Nightmare are up for cheap this week via the Humble Weekly Sale. Pay what you want for these two thriller titles and receive bonus content any fan would be happy to get their hands on.

Normally the focus of a sale would be the games included, but the bonus content included in this Humble Sale really goes over the top.

The demos listed are early-development trailers as opposed to playable demos.

As usual with purchasing on the Humble Bundle site, paying at least a dollar more than the average purchase will net you Steam activation keys.

Sam Lake speaking to the fans

The sale page has a video of developer Remedy’s creative director Sam Lake addressing the fans, explaining why the team had to move onto the Xbox One title Quantum Break instead of Alan Wake 2. Fans of the series can find a special surprise near the end of the video.

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