Aliens: Dark Descent Release Date, Gameplay Trailer

The latest addition to the Alien universe, Aliens: Dark Descent receives a summer 2023 release date.

The latest addition to the Alien universe, Aliens: Dark Descent receives a summer 2023 release date.

The Aliens: Dark Descent release date has been revealed by Tindalos Interactive and Focus Entertainment alongside a gameplay trailer. Launching worldwide on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox platforms, the game will be available June 20, 2023.  

Aliens: Dark Descent is a new story that centers on a squad of marines and their commander investigating sabotage on Planet Lethe. The sabotage has caused the uncontrolled breeding of Xenomorphs on the planet. With a crashed ship, there is no quick escape from the enemy here. 

The gameplay trailer is accompanied by Tindalos Interactive commentary detailing mechanics in the game. Featuring real-time tactical strategy, you’ll play as the commander over a squad of marines assembled from five starting classes, issuing them commands in real-time.

Once a command is given, it will automatically be executed by the marine best suited for the task. Each marine class will have special abilities and weapons for their specialization. Marines who die in combat cannot be revived as death is permanent, similar to how the mechanic works in games like X-Com

As you explore new areas and complete missions and side quests, you can level up your squads and further develop your base of operations. Aliens: Dark Descent will not only include classic Aliens universe creatures, like Facehuggers and the Alien Queen, but rogue humans and a completely new threat not seen before in the franchise. Stay tuned for more news as it is released for Aliens: Dark Descent

Featured image by Focus Entertainment.

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