Among the announcements are The Update Aquatic, new skins, release dates, and a new server partner.

All the MINECON Earth News You Need to Know

Among the announcements are The Update Aquatic, new skins, release dates, and a new server partner.

MINECON Earth has come and gone. But if you missed it, we’ve got you covered with all the Minecraft news and reveals from it! Among the announcements Mojang revealed are a brand-new set of water-themed features, new skins, and the results of the Mob voting contest.

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The Update Aquatic

Chief among the reveals is the next major Minecraft update, The Update Aquatic. The update will give you a multitude of new items and features to craft the watery paradise of your dreams, including kelp and coral, dolphins, shipwrecks to explore, new water physics, and more. You’ll also be getting a new weapon to aid you in your exploits: the Trident. It can be thrown or used in melee combat, but you’ll be able to enchant it as well. Some of the enchantments featured are Loyalty, which brings the Trident back after you’ve thrown it as well as Slipstream Dash and Impaler, which Mojang are leaving unspoiled for now. No release date for the update has been given yet.


If you missed the MINECON Earth skins during the convention, they’re still available for you on the Marketplace. Here is what’s on offer:

  • Alex Globe
  • Alex Party
  • Cardboard Cosplayer

  • Creeper Cosplay
  • Creeper Pinata Cosplay
  • Sheep Cosplayer
  • Steve Cake
  • Steve Party

New Server Partners

At E3 this past summer, Mojang first presented The Hive, a new Minecraft server partner. The Hive is bringing a new mini-game called Death Run for players to enjoy soon. Death Run sees you race through obstacles and traps in an effort to reach the finish line first, likening it to a giant, deadly military training exercise. Mojang is also working with existing Java partner CubeCraft to implement support for Bedrock as well, including a new adventure map, Island Games. Other than “soon,” these new partner features have no set rollout date yet either.

New Mob

In recent weeks, Mojang presented four potential new mobs to players, asking them to vote on which they wanted to see. The result was shown off at the convention, and Mob B: Monster of the Night Skies is the winner. You can check it out in the overview video below.


Free Goods

In honor of MINECON Earth, Mojang is giving away a heap of Marketplace items. MINECON Earth skins (see above); maps, including the Purple Parrot Palace, Truffletop Town, and Enderman’s Forest; and Halloween skins for Mineplex Friends are all up for grabs.


There were a couple of smaller announcements made as well.

  • Mixer broadcasting allows native broadcasting from directly in the game on iOS and Android, starting November 21, 2017.
  • For Bedrock players, any Minecraft command can be changed to an interactive button on Mixer.
  • The Better Together update for the Nintendo Switch has been pushed back to 2018.
  • The Super Duper Graphics pack was also pushed to 2018.
  • Following the Adventure Time Mashup Pack, Mojang will be releasing a complete Adventure Time episode next summer.

Excited about the new updates and changes? Let us know in the comments!

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