Allison Road has been Canceled

The VR game that excited fans into what could have been a Horror game worth playing on Oculus Rift has been canceled.
This article is over 8 years old and may contain outdated information

Last year, Allison Road promised to deliver on some of our highest hopes for virtual reality horror games. The game was a brooding British horror, with somber gothic overtones that reminded us of the ill-fated (but highly desired) Silent Hills.

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Using P.T. as a reference point, Allison Road wanted to create a first person horror game using Oculus Rift, and the idea was pretty appealing — especially in the wake of the Silent Hills cancellation. In Allison Road, you play as an unnamed protagonist who wakes up to a splitting headache. From looking for aspirin in the bathroom to getting a glass of water in the kitchen, in the demo you interact with the world trying to put together what has happened. And there is a strange feeling that you are not alone.

The game raised $211,000 USD out of its $361k goal on Kickstarter but it was canceled in order to work with Team17. From there, aside from promotional trailers and cosplay from fans, the last time we heard from Lilith Ltd. was back in February. At that time, they were looking for a character artist to continue working with the game.

As of now, the website for Lilith Ltd. isn’t reachable, with social media showing barely any interaction. All that remains is the beginnings of a horror game in both real life and virtual, for something that could have been but never was.

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