Allods Team and Obsidian Entertainment Partnering Up

A visually stunning MMO to keep an eye on, coming in 2014.
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Since the creation and release of World of Warcraft, people have been ecstatic about the possibilities of MMORPGs–and many companies have tried to clone, or at least use, the essence that was World of Warcraft. Arguably, the most successful of these teams was known as the Allods Team who created Allods Online. From the art detail to the animations and mechanics, this game really emulated World of Warcraft with different lore painted onto it. I’m in no way bashing this, however, because it was successful and gave people who didn’t want to pay a monthly fee the perfect game to indulge in MMO desires. Although they have been releasing patches, updates, etc. Allods Team has not really done much to expand the game.

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All of that is changing.

A Russian company by the name of Obsidian Entertainment has entered into an agreement with Allods Team to create a new MMORPG that’s supposed to launch on the PC in 2014. While this seems like a long way out, it may really be worth it to keep an eye on the game. Not a lot is known about the game other than a short developer video (in Russian) and some screenshots as well as what they have on the website, but it seems like a clear evolution.

In the video there are clear Allods Team influences in the city designs, coloring and overall creation, but it seems to have a twist. I would even go so far as to say that this game looks like a twist (visually) on the game TERA Online, which truly had striking visuals. Interestingly enough the art style appears to have a very Korean-type spin, despite neither of the teams being Asian. And for those who are completely unfamiliar with Allods Team, they’re also a Russian team. The new game is called Skyforge and from what I’ve seen so far, I’m excited for the collaboration as a passionate MMORPG fan.

If you want to learn more about the game check the website here. It’s all in Russian, but you can still get a feel of what they’re all about—expand your cultural horizons!  

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