Amazon Gets Summer Rolling with Huge Sale!

Amazon starts off the Summer sale season with huge discounts on games!
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There are going to be a lot of “shut up and take my money” memes over the next several days since it is a holiday week.  Independence Day, or July 4th for those living outside the US, is on Thursday which means that the video game summer sales are going to officially start. Amazon has started ahead of other online retailers, like Steam, and are offering gamers some crazy discounts on a bunch of AAA and indie games in their “Celebrate 4th of July” sale. 

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The list is long, but there are some really good deals. Assassin’s Creed III which usually goes for $39.99 is now over %50 off for only $13.31.  Amnesia: The Dark Descent usually costs $19.99 but right now it is only $2.99.   Now I only picked those games as examples because those are two of my favorites, but nearly every game on Amazon is discounted right now. 

Click on the logo above to go to the video game page to see the awesome deals! 

What will be interesting to see going forward is how Steam will respond.  With Amazon getting the head start on sale season, Steam most likely will bring out all of their tricks when it does its annual “Steam Summer Sale.” Will we see even better sales for PC gamers on Steam? Time will only tell but with all of these sales, I can already tell that my bank account will be a little less full before Summer ends.

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