Amazon in Discussion with Twitch Over Potential Buy-Out

Amazon's stepping up in Google's wake to purchase, but what does this mean for gamers enjoying the service?

Today, only a few short months after rumors of a YouTube/Google buyout of Amazon announces that they’re in discussions with the game streaming website over a buy-out deal to the tune of over $1 billion. After recent rumors of Google in talks with over a potential acquisition, now Amazon is stepping up with to buy the game-streaming site. Interestingly, Amazon’s offer is the same as Google’s, but what will a buy-out by either company mean for gamers?

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When rumors of a Twitch being acquired by Google first came out, it was primarily reported on by online sources – with print media giants like the Wall Street Journal – remaining silent. However, with the Amazon discussion the Journal is one of the first to cover the story. Does this mean that unlike the Google acquisition, an Amazon buy-out will be a reality rather than rumor?

After closing down predecessor, is the premier game streaming – and eSports streaming service – on the Internet. Naturally, both Google and Amazon would benefit tremendously stepping into this market with an acquisition of the site.

The Wall Street Journal cites a source that suggests we may get an answer to that question as early as today, and that if the acquisition goes through it will be for an amount similar to that which was offered by Google. Twitch is the largest game streaming site on the internet and generates more daily traffic than facebook, so the acquisition of the site by either company will mean a huge boost in their influence on the web as well as a large increase in profits.

However, for gamers who use the Twitch service, an acquisition by either company could be disastrous, as it will mean further changes to the site that could upset things as much as Twitch’s recent audio copyright changes. GameSkinny will be covering this topic as things unfold and bringing you the latest information as its released.

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