Amazon Stops Selling Digital Copies of SimCity

Amazon's actually doing it.

Amazon's actually doing it.

This image ran around Reddit/r/gaming this morning, in lieu of EA‘s awful issues with SimCity‘s launch. It’s completely fake (unfortunately).

But if you thought this was bad, you’re in for more hilarity.

Amazon has actually stopped selling digital copies.

If you change the purchasing option to buy the PC download version, Amazon has completely cut off digital sales–they must be hoping that by purchasing the DVD-ROM, by the time you actually get your game, EA will have gotten their act together and will be allowing players on log on and play. There’s even a note included that points the finger directly to EA’s connectivity issues.

Or the amount of refunds they were issuing was at an all time high. Earlier today, images went viral when EA refused to issue the refunds the promised in a recent press release.

Good one, EA.

Best one, Amazon.

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