Amazon’s Free-to-Play Shooter Crucible is Coming This May

Amazon has announced that their free-to-play shooter is heading to Steam later this month.

Today, Amazon has announced that their free-to-play shooter, Crucible, is coming to Steam on May 20.

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For those unversed, Crucible is a competitive team-based shooter developed by Relentless Studios. A multiplayer experience with a roster of 10 playable characters at launch, each sporting their own unique abilities and weapons, the game features both human and alien combatants.

The aim is for teams to traverse “a dangerous planet” in the search of Essence, which in turn amplifies players’ powers and abilities.

Three game modes will be available at launch:

  • Heart of the Hives: Two teams of four battle giant bosses scattered across the map, in the hopes to harvest their hearts. The first to three wins.
  • Harvest Commander: Two teams of eight must capture and hold harvesters across the map.
  • Alpha Hunters: Eight teams of two fight for survival to be the last team standing.

Christoph Hartmann, vice president at Amazon Games, said in a Crucible press release:

In Crucible, every match is different, and players’ choices really matter. Every opponent, team, and mode poses unique dangers, and no two matches are the same, so players must constantly adapt to everything the world and the other teams throw at them.

We’re excited for players to join the hunt in just a couple of weeks, and we can’t wait to hear what they think of it.

Crucible will join the ranks of other F2P shooters, such as Apex Legends, Planetside 2, and Fortnite, and it is one of many games Amazon has in the works, with a Lord of the Rings MMO currently in development as well. Those interested can wishlist the game now on Steam.

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