American McGee fans are petitioning EA for a new Alice game

A group of dedicated fans are rallying together for EA to support a new entry into the American McGee's Alice series.

A group of dedicated fans are rallying together for EA to support a new entry into the American McGee's Alice series.
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American McGee tweeted today that a fan-made petition asking EA to allow for a new entry into the Alice series has reached twenty-five thousand signatures. The franchise, known officially as American McGee’s Alice has two titles so far, neither of which have received particularly spectacular reviews. Both games have developed quite a cult following however, receiving praise for their dark portrayals of Lewis Carroll’s original in both writing and artwork.

The goal of the petition is as follows,

We the fans of the first two Alice games, want another taste, another adventure, another mind bending trip with Alice through the depths of her (and now others’) minds; where what lurked inside, was an experience unlike any other we’ve had the privilege of experiencing, an experience with themes of sheer beauty, surrealism, darkness, horror, and many other beautiful themes.

“Your move EA”. was McGee’s response on his Twitter, signifying that he is also on board with the idea of creating a third entry to the series. 

For those unfamiliar, the premise of the first game revolves around Alice Liddell, the main character of the original Lewis Carroll story Alice in Wonderland being witness to the death of her parents in a tragic accident at a young age. Time then jumps ten years to Alice being in an insane asylum, unable to cope with the death of her family. In a twisted mirror of the original story-line, Alice once again follows the White Rabbit down the rabbit hole and into the twisted amalgamation that her damaged psyche has caused Wonderland to become. 

The petition makes mention of American McGee as having said that, “the Alice series is like a painting…a painting that is only 2/3 of the way done”. This leads us to believe that should EA respond positively to this movement, the game that will be made will be a whole new adventure in Wonderland, as opposed to  some sort of HD remake of the classic game. Either way, it would be great to see such a talented writer/developer work on a title he has proven himself to be quite passionate about.

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