Americana Dawn: New American History Inspired JRPG on Kickstarter

Americana Dawn, a JRPG on Kickstarter loosely based on Colonial American history.

Americana Dawn, a JRPG on Kickstarter loosely based on Colonial American history.
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Americana Dawn is tactics RPG set in Colonial America. It details how the world changes a man, not the stereotypical story of how a man changes the world. Creator Max Lam states that the game is inspired by ’90s Japanese RPGS like Suikoden, Grandia, Fire Emblem, and Chrono Triggerand it’s cleary evident.

The game follows Foster, a sea spirit who has no allegiance to America. It spans two centuries and covers many wars fought on American soil. Prominent historical figures make their appearances, too.

The battle system is a cross between Square Enix’s Active Time Battle system and tactical grid games except for one change: no experience nor random encounters. Characters level up their proficiency with equipment, not stats upgraded from fights.

The goal is to raise $70,000 by the end of December for a July 2017 release but the FAQ realizes it might take more time for a bug-free game. A year and a half or more is a long time to wait but backers have to realize Kickstarter is more of a pre-order “possibility” than a contract. Some games, Undertale for example, are over 6 months late from the estimated delivery date. But that game has a much smaller team. However, so did Americana Dawn the first time around. This is their second Kickstarter.

In 2012, Americana Dawn made surpassed their goal of $2,000 but soon after, their development team disbanded. Lam continued to work on the game and eventually assembled 14 people for this updated project.

As of today, the Kickstarter has a little less than $16,000 raised with 21 days to go. Being a history enthusiast and JRPG buff, I would love to see a game like this exist. The comment section from backers shows immense support for the title.

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