Amsterdam plays host to the world’s first gamer hotel

You've heard about gamer-themed bars and restaurants - now you can vacation in retro-gamer style hotel.

You've heard about gamer-themed bars and restaurants - now you can vacation in retro-gamer style hotel.

Once a rarity, gamer-themed bars and restaurants are now popping up everywhere. But have you ever heard of a gamer-themed hotel? Probably not. That’s because The Arcade, which recently opened in Amsterdam on January 16, is the world’s first.

Like the hotel’s name implies, it has a retro-gaming theme, with old-school consoles in every room for no extra cost. The rooms themselves start at €76.50 per night (around $83), with a breakfast buffet for only €9 (around $10) per guest per night.

Feeling social? There are shared consoles in the lobby, and even handhelds at the lobby’s bar for a bit of competitive gaming. There’s also a library of comic books available for guests to enjoy.

After a day of sightseeing or a night on the town, guests can hang out in the lobby and play a few old-school games with friends. Image credit: Facebook

With biking as the typical method of transportation in Amsterdam, the hotel even has a fleet of bicycles for rent, so guests can explore the city like a native — though they jokingly warn that the Dutch “ride […] courageously,” adding:

“That means you’ve got to watch your back. And front. And side. And beneath you.”

Comfortable beds, flat screen TVs and a retro console in every room, and free wi-fi are just a few of the amenities offered at this unique new hotel.

And as you might expect of a hotel that caters to gamers, no strangers to late nights, the hotel allows checkout until 13:00 (1:00 pm), so guests can get a little extra shuteye after a wild night on the town – or on the Atari.

Reviews of the hotel on The Arcade’s Facebook page have been overwhelmingly positive. As one user reported:

“Cool place! Super nice people. Rooms are great, love the lobby with some old consoles and lots of comics. Location is a plus. Achievement unlocked!”

Owner Daniel Salmanovich built this unique hotel to give gamers a place of comfort when they’re far from home. As he explained in a recent interview with VG 24/7:

“I wanted to create a place where travelers and gamers feel like they are staying at a friend’s home.”

What do you think would be the best part of staying in a gamer-themed hotel? What amenities would lead you to choose to stay in one over a more traditional hotel? Leave us a comment and let us know your thoughts!

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