Amuzo Announces Brand-New Wipeout Experience, wipEout Rush

wipEout Rush puts you in control on mobile devices later this year.

wipEout Rush puts you in control on mobile devices later this year.
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The classic Wipeout franchise is getting a whole new look thanks to Amuzo and publisher Rogue. The Dartmouth-based developer is creating wipEout Rush, a new mobile entry in the Wipeout series set for release later in 2021 that puts you not behind the wheel, but behind the team.

wipEout Rush tasks you with leading an all-star team to victory by choosing their ships, managing upgrades, and merging crafts together, all in a slick comic-book style.

There’s also plenty of Wipeout lore in ship pieces and other collectibles, Amuzo said. wipEout Rush includes five tracks, 60 ships, multiple weapons, and 12 Championship Cups, each with its own boss, all spread out across Quick Race and Championship Cup modes.

Matt Casamassina Rogue’s CEO, said:

I was raised on the console Wipeout games — and those will continue to live on PlayStation hardware — but we wanted to reinvent the breakneck speed and gorgeous presentation of the series for a new breed of players on mobile devices.

We’re working closely with Amuzo and Sony Interactive Entertainment to ensure wipEout Rush delivers an experience that is both complementary and additive to the core console one, but also very accessible and fresh for gamers on the go.

There’s no firm release date for the game just yet, but it will be coming to iOS and Android soon.

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