An XOTIC Journey to Boston and PAX East

XOTIC PC is headed to PAX EAST for the first time and giving away huge prizes for attendees!

XOTIC PC is headed to PAX EAST for the first time and giving away huge prizes for attendees!

XOTIC PC is headed to PAX East for the first time this week and we are excited to offer, possibly, the biggest and best giveaways at this year’s PAX.

Our journey began a few months ago as we contemplated our inclusion into one of the premier conventions of the year. After seeing how amazing the attendees can be and how engaged they are with all of the booths, regardless of size, we knew that PAX was a convention that would be well worth the effort. Although this is not our first convention, we feel it should be our best to date and thus we will be having four daily giveaways, and 11 lucky giveaway winners will be automatically entered into our final drawing for a fully built custom PC from XOTIC PC.

The XOTIC PC booth, #1099, will be packed with new products from our partners, custom built and painted PCs, employees ready to answer questions, a really cool floor (will not just be concrete, and not carpet!), very cool lighting, and two wonderful ladies helping us get the word out about the giveaways. We encourage you to stop by, say hello and make sure you enter our giveaways for a chance at winning Ozone Gaming keyboards, mice, headsets and more. Better yet, win one of our smaller (said lightly!) giveaways and you could be taking home the grand prize on Sunday afternoon. We cannot guarantee it will fit in your suitcase.

If you would like more information about XOTIC PC, our booth or the giveaways please visit our PAX East website page at for full details.

Oh! By the Way, if you are not able to make it to PAX this year, but would like to take part in another giveaway and a chance to have a fully loaded custom gaming laptop, on April 11th, check this out!

A huge thank you to GameSkinny, who we met at last year’s PAX, for giving gaming enthusiasts a real voice. We look forward to seeing your team there again!

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