And Yoshi’s Real Name Is….

An exciting reveal: Yoshi has a real name, and it's quite long.
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Yoshi, your rideable and lovable dino, has an actual name. A 1993 Nintendo Manual has revealed that Yoshi’s real name is: T. Yoshisaur Munchakoopas. Adorable. It’s sort of like when your new friends find your old yearbook, and discover things about your you never wanted them to see. It’s okay though Yoshi, it could be worse.

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IGN also reported that the 1993 manual revealed Mario’s true scientific name, and it isn’t homo sapiens. The princess-saving plumber is actually classified as a “homo nintendonus, which may explain how he can fit into pipes so easily. 

T. Yoshisaur Munchakoopas

The author of Console Wars, Blake Harris, is the one that tweeted the page that revealed Yoshi”s name. It’s not exactly a new discovery, but it may be the most exciting REdiscovery since Machu Picchu (yes, it was actually rediscovered).

Harris’ twitter has many scans of the manual with many interesting facts, so check it out.

Yoshi will be coming back for a new adventure in 2014 with Yoshi’s Wooly WorldBe sure to look out for that game, and refer to Yoshi by his full name if you find him getting into trouble.

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