ANOTHER Loot “Cave” Pops Up in Destiny: Loot Stairs in Old Russia

The Loot Stairs: ANOTHER new farming technique has been discovered for finding Legendary Engrams.
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Unfortunately for Destiny players the Loot Cave is dead, but we all can rejoice at the rise of the Loot Stairs!

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Ministry of Geeks has discovered and outlined in the video below a new farming technique that can also be found while patrolling the Cosmodrone in Old Russia.

While Destiny‘s multiple “Loot Caves” may lack deeper understanding of the game, they do offer a bunch of sweet gear. Players keep crawling back to the famed Loot areas.

While this Loot destination is the closest to the beginning spawn point, it is also essential to take out any mobs of Fallen enemies around the area, as they will be the respawning enemies crucial to the success of obtaining legendary engrams on the Loot Stairs.

Before patch 1.0.2 went live, it was frustrating for loot farmers to receive a Legendary Engram only for it to only turn into a rare blue item. However, since the patch went live, Legendary Engrams will always produce a Legendary or higher quality item. This makes loot farming all the sweeter.

Interrupted Farming Every 7-12 Minutes

While the upside to the new Loot Stairs is obvious, easily discovered Legendary Engrams, there is also a distinct downside to this particular way of farming:

After about 7-12 minutes a Fallen ship will spawn outside near the first cliff and drop another mob, be sure to quickly run outside and destroy those enemies so you can repeat the process from the beginning and initiate farming again.

So what are you waiting for? The Loot Stairs works with the current patch, but be sure to get there before Bungie shuts it down again. Get looting Guardians!

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