Answers about Tom Clancy’s upcoming release of The Division

This article will answer some questions that are on a lot of peoples mind concerning the game "the Division". A little clarity

The Division is going to be a game that is stated as being the first “TRUE” next generation game. Set to hit stores on March 8 2016, this game has a little bit for every type of gamer. It will be one of the first third person shooter RPG’s. The world is huge and gorgeous to say the least. And in true Tom Clancy Fashion, communication, teamwork, and tactics will be the key to survival in this game.

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After watching the video at E3, it appeared that the game would be one that would rely heavily on Player vs Player(PVP) but through more investigating I have more clarity on the game. The “dark zone” is their PVP zone but it is going to be purely optional. This is where one can gain the most experience and best gear. It adds an element of tension during the extraction of precious cargo because you have shot a flare in the air that will be noticeable to all players in the area and that is when the PVP starts. A player can steal you loot for themselves or challenge you and damage your character. At this point you even have to watch your teammates because they can also kill you and take the loot for themselves. See what I mean by tension? 

Some of the other questions that I have answered about this game, is players will be able to pick any type of weapon and use it. But your ability to work with certaom weapons and gear better than others will depend on your character build. Not sure about being able to share gear with team mates but it is being looked into by the programmers. The RPG aspect is the level up and exploration part. It is an open world game, so anything is possible. Enemies have levels just like the players. The higher the level to more damage they deal and the more armor they have. This is where team work comes into play. Teams will have to use tactics to take down the A.I known as the elites.

The world will have many different teams in it at the same time that can come and go as they please. From my understanding you will go on missions and explore the world, other players can help but not harm you unless you enter the dark zone. There is a character customization that will allow individuals to somewhat stand out from others.

So this game is a must for those player that enjoy playing with friends to achieve one objective. The Division will be groundbreaking and will test the parameters of the new generation systems. It seems to be a team of three but from reports the team you are with can have as many or as little as you want. This may be the most anticipated game for those that love shooting and coop games. As I stated before, Tom Clancy has done it again. Cannot wait. 

Although everything I have stated in the article is for investigating and not me actually playing the game. I will post some more on this after I attend the beta session.

Answers about Tom Clancy’s upcoming release of The Division
This article will answer some questions that are on a lot of peoples mind concerning the game "the Division". A little clarity

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