App Store’s Fifth Anniversary Grants You Free Stuff!

The App store is celebrating their fifth anniversary, and you get to celebrate with these great free apps!

The App store is celebrating their fifth anniversary, and you get to celebrate with these great free apps!

Hooray for Apple and hooray for us! 

There are several price-dropped and free apps available, but here are five of the best free apps for your everyday needs, from gaming to exercising to cooking.

First up is Infinity Blade II

Directly following the first game, in which you set out on a journey to battle the God King with the eponymous Infinity Blade, in Infinity Blade II you must uncover the secrets of the Infinity Blade after the God King’s death. In addition to combat, you can customize your character in many ways, from swords and shields to magic skills and magic rings. There’s also an option to battle other players online through ClashMob.

“The King of iOS Gaming Continues its Reign.” – INTO MOBILE

 Originally $6.99, Infinity Blade II is now free to play!

A Look Inside the Barefoot World Atlas

Barefoot World Atlas

Second, here’s something for the kids and curious adults––Barefoot World Atlas. This app is incredible because you can travel to different parts of the world, and learn about other cultures with the swipe of a finger. Don’t know where to go for vacation or where to live next? Want to find out facts about other countries to impress new friends from around the world? Check out this app!

A great app for the whole family, Apple’n’Apps say:

“Barefoot World Atlas is one of the best exploration apps there is, with so much to explore in such an intuitive way. Anyone can enjoy using and learning from this app, and it provides a brilliant atlas for your household.”

Originally $4.99, now you can travel the world at no cost!

App features

Map My Ride+

Third is Map My Ride+, an app which lets you track and record calories, speed, distance, and routes if you decide you want to do a cross-country trip to all those places you saw in the Barefoot World Atlas. There are many great features in this app, such as syncing your heart rate and speed with Bluetooth, CycleOps, and more. If you love going outdoors and seeing some sights while staying healthy, or going to the gym to blow off some steam, this app is a must-have!

“A truly olympic sized app” – Appoday

Stay healthy and keep track of your progress for free, with the app’s price dropping from $2.99 to zero!


Fun and easy cooking

How to Cook Everything

Fourth, here’s an app for cooking enthusiasts (or tired cyclists), How to Cook Everything. With 2,000 recipes, you’ll be a chef in no time at all. There are filters and ingredient lists when you choose a recipe––moms will love it! You don’t need WiFi in order for the app to work, and there are images for every recipe of how your meal is supposed to turn out. Enjoy your meal, courtesy of Mark Bittman!

“The bells-and-whistles of this app are what make it a must-buy, from grocery lists you can email to how-to illustrations. Bittman also makes it nearly impossible to mess up a dish—each recipe step has a built in timer so there’s less chance you’ll forget how long your osso bucco has been cooking.” – Bon Appetit

Available for both iPhone and iPad, but some features are only available on iPad.

You used to have to pay $4.99 to cook great meals… but now it’s free!


An example of what the app can do

Traktor DJ

Last, but not least, here is an app for modern music lovers––Traktor DJ. You can be as good as Tiesto with this app, which includes 8 pro DJ effects such as reverb and delay. The app includes regular DJ needs like a crossfader, 3-band EQ, and filter on each channel, and you can use it with other Traktor products like the Traktor Kontrol Z1 to get even more features. You need a Dropbox account, but again, it’s all free!

“They worked on every little detail to get the app just right.” – Loop Insight

This app is only available for iPad. 

Don’t want to pay $19.99 to make music? Now you don’t have to!

That’s it for my top 5 free apps. Have fun and enjoy the freebies! If you want to see the complete list, just click here

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