Apple TV 4 to be focused around gamers

Download games, use the remote as a controller, connect your own, and use the latest hardware to play.

Download games, use the remote as a controller, connect your own, and use the latest hardware to play.

Competition is every rising in the gaming console world, and now Apple has come along to play with its fourth-generation Apple TV, debuting September 9th.

The latest Apple TV hopes to gear itself toward the gaming community to “actively compete for TV gamers with updated hardware, software, and peripherals.” Things bring about fresh challenges for TV access against Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony consoles as the previous three generations of Apple TVs did not.

The device teases one key feature: a Siri remote control.

The Siri remote means to work similarly to the current Apple remote, using a replaceable battery, no recharge needed. It will have both physical buttons, a touchpad, and an integrated microphone to control and navigate your Apple TV 4 with Siri.

For gamers, the Siri remote will also have motion sensors, similar to that of a Wii remote. That way, users can transform it into a steering wheel for racing games and other simulations.

The key difference between the Siri remote and the Wii remote however is the Siri remote doesn’t use the infrared sensor bar. Instead, it connects via Bluetooth 4.2 and 802.11ac wireless standards. Bluetooth connectivity allows gamers to connect their compatible wireless controllers.

In further support of the gaming industry, Apple teases an App Store that allows video games to be downloaded onto its iOS9 interface.

The Apple TV series is also known for its AirPlay feature that allows users to engage content, including games, from iOS devices and Macs on a TV.

The Apple TV 4 will debut at the announcement event on September 9th alongside the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus. It will begin shipping in October.

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