Aquaman Announced for Injustice: Gods Among Us

Aquaman is officially going to be playable in Injustice, and his reveal trailer shows some tantalizing bits of storyline.

The story for Injustice: Gods Among Us just keeps showing more and more signs of going some very dark places, and there is not a place on Earth darker than the deepest reaches of the ocean.

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Aquaman has been a staple figure of the DC universe for longer than most people can remember.  He has also had his powers laughed at for most of that time, as the ability to speak to sea creatures seems fairly pathetic when you’re on the same superhero team as Superman.

It does not look like anyone will be laughing at the king of Atlantis in Injustice.  His moves look every bit as punishing as anyone else we’ve seen so far, making solid use of both his physical prowess and his trident.

Even more liable to stave off laughter, the trailer revealing him hints at some world-shaking events.  Apparently Aquaman attempts to sign some sort of treaty to ensure peace with the surface world and then has a change of heart when that surface world ceases to accord him the respect he feels deserved.  Say all you like about his powers being lame, the sight of hundreds of house-sized crabs marching on a major city is frightening regardless of your laughter.

The roster for Injustice: Gods Among Us is almost certainly just about fully filled, so start picking your favorites soon.  Release day is approaching fast.

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